We are an Edinburgh based group who enjoy cycling in the countryside


Contacting Mellow Velo Folk

Mellow Velo was originally set up as a yahoo Group


Ladies Cycling










The Mellow Velo group photo!

This is still a necessary and viable part of our organisation for it is the primary means that members can contact each other.

Mellow Velo has now moved its email list to groups.io. It is used to send out a group e-mail as well as contacting individuals. Last minute changes to an event can be posted there, whereas changing content of the website takes time and effort.

Suggestions for the website, ideas for new events, requests for pals to go to a social etc. can also be posted there.

To join groups.io, click on the 'find/create group' button, then type 'Mellowvelo' into the search box and click on the mellowvelo link that appears. Click on the 'join group' button and follow instructions from there.

We also have a friends section on this website which at the moment can be used for posting messages and finding friends' contact details. To join you must first Register and you must have been out on at least one ride. Ideas for its expansion are welcome.

We want to be an open and friendly group so use of your own name is much appreciated.

Any further queries may be sent to e-mail: or to the leaders of the individual rides.