We are an Edinburgh based group who enjoy cycling in the countryside




Events for all

image of Ageing Well CalendarOne of the ways suggested to improve the website was to have a calendar.

This new one enables anyone to put on an event - and colour code it too.

There is not a lot of room to put in details but you can put in a link to another site and/or your email address. It is not advisible to put your phone number or street address as is open to all to view.

As a precaution against malitious use I have password protected the update/edit function, but if you contact Tiana for the password you can change your event details. There is no email out function, for that you will have to use the calendar in the Yahoo group.


*** The ... Mellow Velo calendar ***


(Warning calenders.net often looses connection, hit the back button and click the link again if this happens. It's the penalty for a free download I suspect.)

Feedback and problems with this please contact Tiana on Tiana@mellowvelo.org.uk


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