We are an Edinburgh based group who enjoy cycling in the countryside


Registration Page

The reason behind setting up this friends section is so that MV folk can post a notice asking if anyone would like to go on a cycle ride.

Obviously you wish to know the identity of those whom you are asking. The Yahoo group does not provide this. Anyone can hide behind a Yahoo ID and Yahoo themselves prevent you from putting your name onto their system. To overcome this I have set up this section.

In order to become a friend you must know a friend. That friend can then vouch for you.

When you fill in this form an automatic email will go to your verifier asking them to vouch for you. Once it is returned your membership will be activated and you can see who else is a friend and post a notice.

If you are in doubt as to whether your pal is a friend you may have to ask them first! You must quote the email address that they have registered with. It therefore follows that you should register with an email address that you actually look at!


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Your membership will not be activated until they have responded to the email.

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